Lick and stick stone

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Raleigh - 13 March 02:43

Cis-female, pansexual, polyamorous, sis, girl, cousin, friend, environmentalist, yogi, pianist, vocalist, Whovian (Tennant as well), LoL-gamer, Batman nerd, otaku, longboarder, cyclist, SexPlaneteer, Nerdfighter, Beardlover, traveler, bibliophile, Pokemon trainer, virgin, treasure collector, spectacles enthusiast, biologicalscience educatee, philosopher, frustrated under-parents-roofer, self-critical, doodler, baking addict, occasional pot smoker, early bird, neat too tidy, Canadian, basic french-speaker, Potter-head, listener, introvert, liberal, Sarah. . Whew. O_o That was longer than I thought it would be.В

Francisco - 3 April 12:21

Trying to be a detatched sociologist piece observing this is har. hard.

Augustine - 17 May 05:25

geef mij nummer 17 maar, dan neem ik die vrouw wel voor lief

Senechal - 2 December 02:28

1. Honestly, I didn't notice till you mentioned it, I was looking at the books.

Stodolski - 23 April 15:40

Just getting amend each time.